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Latest Studio Features

Scaling New Heights

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol and its grower members together stay on the path of continuous improvement…

Rethinking the Fashion Growth Model

It's time for brands to really move the needle on the ESG front.

How Hyosung’s Value Chain Support Goes Beyond Fiber Production

Sustainability and supply chain upheaval are remaking the relationships between raw material makers and their…

TENCEL™ |  Business Features

Fueling the Forest Fashion Cycle

Lenzing discusses the transition of the fashion industry toward sustainable wood-based fibers and material…

SkinCeuticals |  Business Features

Properly Formulated

With vitamin C-based products ranked at an all-time high as a consumer-trusted ingredient, SkinCeuticals is…

Retail Reinvention: Loyalty as the New Currency

Incentive solution firm Rymax relays the rules of retail customer loyalty programs and discusses its growth…

Market Intel Report: The Luxury Consumer Shift

FMG Studio teams up with Klarna to: unlock the mindset of today's new luxury consumer; decipher how luxury…

Tribe Dynamics |  Business Features

Stand Out on Social

Why influencer marketing analytics software is a gamechanger.

Growth Fueled By the Power of Payments

Is leveraging payments solutions the way for large retailers to win market share in this new retail landscape?

Buckle Up

Where is the hottest pre-destination for Spring Break 2022?

FashionGo Events |  Business Features

Wholesale Fashion Redefined

FashionGo will debut its first in-person omnichannel B2B wholesale fashion event in the ever-stylish mountain…

TENCEL™ |  Business Features

TENCEL™ Celebrates Decades of Sustainable Ingenuity

Sustainable fiber firm Lenzing catches up with Fairchild Studio as it commemorates three decades of TENCEL™.

Leading Luxury

As head of Alibaba's luxury division, Janet Wang leverages deep industry knowledge and experience to help…

Building Fashion’s New International Status Quo

Fashion house, RAMZEN is on a mission to redefine luxury using a combination of international influence…

Footwear Flying Forward

HOKA discusses its launch of Kawana, a run-first shoe that embodies the comfort and adaptability shoppers are…